Pros and Cons  

Let's begin with the bad news...


Accessibility - Free standing storage mezzanines don't require ADA certification so chances are there won't be any elevators.  Material lifts are common on mezzanine systems but their construction and code compliance limits them to materials only.  Generally the only egress will be a stair every 50 -75 feet to meet fire code.


"Forest of Columns" - Some systems have relatively short clear spans and create very little useable floor space under the mezzanine.  This can cause a great deal of problems in manufacturing and distribution centers for equipment placement and traffic flow.


Floor Loading - In some cases, a building will have inferior floor construction or improper soil density and will be incapable of supporting a mezzanine system.  The floor may crack or in some cases, fail, leading to a sizeable repair bill.


Poor Engineering - With the tremendous growth of the internet, many "Fly by Night" fabricators have found it easy to pose as credible mezzanine manufacturers.  Some of these companies don't follow any safety, building or seismic codes, in fact there are a large number of them that don't even employee engineers! 


We have many horror stories of end users spending thousands and thousands of dollars on faulty systems that must be removed or fail while in use. 


Please contact us if you have any questions on your potential vendor, or view our Potential Vendor Page.


Now for the good news...


Create more space - Mezzanine systems are designed for one change "air" space into "floor" space.  A mezzanine will almost double the square footage of the space it's built in.  This creates a great savings in leased or even owned space paying off in only a few years.


Mobile - A mezzanine can, in most cases, be dismantled and moved if you ever relocate.


Cost Effective - Mezzanine systems are usually 1/5th the cost of new construction.  Mezzanines generally depreciate like equipment not new construction.  In most cases, mezzanines will utilize existing HVAC systems, saving thousands in heating and cooling bills.


Consolidate Flow of Materials -  Mezzanines keep flow systems together creating smoother material flow and increase output and productivity.


Systems Integration - Mezzanines can be integrated into many warehouse systems.  They are often integrated into conveyor systems or rack and shelving or offices.


Versatility - The versatility of a mezzanine systems knows no bounds.  You can see mezzanines in so many different capacities and applications that they could never be named here.  Distribution centers to malls, manufacturing plants to opera theaters, mezzanines are everywhere.









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