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The Following Mezzanine Types
Structural Steel Mezzanine            Cold-Rolled Steel Mezzanine

Structural Fiberglass Mezzanine     Stainless Steel Mezzanine

Aluminum Mezzanine                     Rack or Shelving Supported

I Would Like The
Following Finishes
Standard  Epoxy Powder Coat  Two Part Urethane  Galvanized
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Mezzanine Height
Clear Height   Deck Height  feet inches
My Column Spacing is Column What?  Most Cost Effective  Maximum Practical Span
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Mezzanine Deck Options
Corrugated B-Deck and 3/4" Plywood  1" x 1/8" Steel Bar Grating
Corrugated B-Deck and Composite      Fiberglass Bar Grating
Corrugated B-Deck and Polytek           Steel Plank Grating
Corrugated B-Deck and Floor Plate      Corrugated B-Deck Only
Stainless Steel Plate                               Concrete Prep
I have no idea and need some help with this one
These are the Stair Options
I Would Like to Have Priced
Standard Exterior OSHA Stair               Standard Interior OSHA Stair
Exterior BOCA Stair                             Interior BOCA Stair
60 Degree Alternating Tread Stair          Ships Ladder
Vertical Ladder                                      Stair Platform
These are way too many choices, I just need a stair!
I Would Like Pricing on the
Following Guardrail Options
Standard Horizontal Two Rail  Standard Horizontal Three Rail
Balluster Guardrail  Enclosed Wire Mesh  Enclosed Solid
Kickplate Only
I need the minimum to follow safety codes in my area
I Need Approximately This
Many Feet of Guardrail
Take the mezzanine perimeter and subtract the length of the mezzanine that is against a wall or accessible area.
Length feet inches

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I Need Perimeter Access Gates
on My Mezzanine
Double Swing Gate  Horizontal Sliding Gate  Automatic Sliding Gate
Pivot Gate  Lift Out Gate  Corral Gate
 I just want to put a pallet on my mezzanine!  What's my best choice?
I am Interested in the
Following Accessories
Material Lifts   Lighting Systems   Fire Suppression Systems

Modular Offices   Wire Security Partitions   Shelving and Storage Rack

Can You Give Me  Pricing
On the Following Services
Non Union Installation  Union Installation  Field Measurements
Mezzanine Specification Writing  Seismic Calculations 
Professional Engineer Stamp
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