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What is "Pre-Engineered"?

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Mezzanine Components

Mezzanine Understructure
     Structural Beam
     Open Web Bar Joists
     Base Plate
Mezzanine Decking
     Corrugated Steel
     Wood Products
     Bar Grating
     Diamond Plate
     Plank Grating
Mezzanine Stairs
     OSHA Stair
     BOCA Stair
     Alternating Tread Stairs
     Ships Ladders
     Vertical Ladders
Mezzanine Guardrail
     Horizontal Rail
     Baluster Handrail
     Enclosed Mesh
     Solid Panel
Mezzanine Safety Gates
     Mezzanine Swing Gate
     Mezzanine Sliding Gate
     Mezzanine Lift Out Gate
     Mezzanine Pivot Gate
     Mezzanine Corral Gate
     Automated Mezzanine Gate
Mezzanine Finishes
     Wet Paint
     Powder Coated
Mezzanine Accessories
     Material Lifts
     Lighting Packages
     Fire Suppression
     Conveyor Systems
     Shelving and Storage Rack
     Modular Offices
     Wire Partitions